The Little Things

One of my favorite things these days is watching August’s hands and feet when he nurses. He is usually so relaxed he crosses his little legs or sometimes spreads his little tiny toes. If one of his arms is under my arm sometimes I can feel him open and close his little hand on my back, other times he holds my finger or the collar on my shirt, sometimes he tucks it up by his face or just under my shirt. I love it. He’s perfect.

Back to the gym today for day 2 of my epic comeback (haha). I had to skip a few things in the workout so I pretty much warmed up with the class, did a quick row while they did max Clean & Jerk then did the 7 minutes of burpees. 7.whole.minutes. Try it…I dare you…I got 77 today.

Little man hanging by the rower with me. He slept most of the class…even through the loud music and dropping of barbells. Another reason he’s a keeper.

My buggies got their football jackets yesterday. Killian is pretty bummed his buddy Drew has one more football than him…shoulda played last year like we all told you to Killian! Lol. Aren’t they cute?!


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