Oh man. I put some microwave popcorn in the microwave and intended to stop it before I went to go pee, but didn’t. I came out of the bathroom to plumes of black smoke billowing out of the microwave filling up the house rapidly. Weird part is, my 3 boys didn’t seem to notice. No one called me or anything and they were all in the general vicinity. Nuts I tell you, nuts!

This is the aftermath. I’ve been googling ways to get the stink out of the microwave. I have some work to do.

My $14, 510.68 baby. I got my itemized bill for having August . Crazzzzy! It was like $3800 for the vaginal delivery part and the rest is all the other stuff. Worth every penny. He’s too awesome to even put into words. I’ll say again I was VERY well taken care of and loved at South Shore. I’m so glad I delivered my babies there.

So my loving husband popped his head in the shower this morning and sweetly asked me when I might go back to working out. I pretty much stomped my feet and said “I don’t want to EVER go back!” Then he ever so gently reminded me how good it is for my high blood pressure and my mood (what? Have I been irritable, impatient, grumpy?! Me?! NOOOOO). So I put my big girl pants and went. This is what I did:

3 rounds
400 m run
12 kettle bell swing 26#
12 box jumps 20″
12 10 pound wall balls

Good start. Now the challenge will be not to eat a bunch of crap for the rest of the day.


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