Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Busy days. Everyday. Got my hair colored Friday yahoo! My perfect babe came along and slept in his bucket the entire time. He’s such a rockstar!


I ditched the blonde that it feels like I’ve had FOREVER. I love it, but I needed a change and since I can’t go any shorter and I can’t afford nice long hair extensions the only thing I can really change is the color. So there. Done.
I also had 6 week post delivery check up. Cleared to exercise with average weights. What the hell is average? I told her I lifted heavy and when could I resume that? AH….she had no idea what I was talking about. I think she thinks I use 5 pound dumb bells while I jazzercize. No worries. I’ll figure it out myself. Also time to pick a birth control. I hate deciding. Too many options.

Saturday was super busy with baseball tryouts, football practice, lunch at T-bones, short visit with Lala and Donna then a quick trip to go apple picking followed up by dinner I prepped in the crockpot (yes, on a Saturday! Crazy, I know) and more prepping for a long day of football on Sunday.

My peeps. There was almost a fist fight between Dallas and Killian before this over a box of $1 popcorn. It made for fun entertainment for the people in line with us waiting for the hayride. Gotta love forced family fun days.

Look at Mr. Itty Bitty with his pumpkin hat on facing forward in the carrier. It was his first time doing that. He was exhausted for the rest of the day. Seamus is sporting an EMT jacket here. It’s actually his Halloween costume. I hope he never changes. I do love his quirks.


So this happened tonight. The boys wanted their nails painted pink for football tomorrow since it’s Breast Cancer awareness month and Pop Warner goes big with pink. I was feeding the babe so Peter painted them. Killian only messed his up about 5 times. Peter was relatively patient.


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