Water sucks, give me a Blue Moon!

Water is the bain of my existence. I hate to drink it. I know all the benefits and wonderful amazing things it does for the body but really, there are so many other delicious beverages to consume on a daily basis. How can I fit water in…let alone 60 ounces of it? I’ve been good and managed to choke down my allotted amount for 3 whole days in a row! Three. Whole. Days!

I feel like all I do is cook and clean lately. My house (which I love and am totally grateful for) is a little small for the 6 of us that live in it so it gets messy really easily. I could clean and try to organize for 8 hours everyday and still never be done. I am trying to always get rid of stuff we don’t need and try like hell to keep things organized and in it’s place. Went to the beach for a couple hours yesterday because I needed a break. August loved it.


Oh! Oh! I was so excited I prepped dinner before I went to the beach too (pathetic this is what I get excited over). I put chicken in the crockpot to cook while I was out and before I left I cooked the spaghetti squash in the microwave (who knew?!! I never use the microwave to cook stuff. I’m old school…lol. My sister clued me in on this gem). After I got the boys I made the sauce and put the onions, peppers and peapods on a pan ready to go on the stove. Peter got home before me and I talked him through throwing it all together. He did a great job and presto! Paleo Pad Thai…yum! Boom sauce. Again, we are awesome.


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