I’m Gonna Be A Match. I Can Feel It!


WAY harder than I thought to get a cute picture of August at 1 month. He’s always asleep or by the time I get everything I want together he’s cranky and wants to eat or be held. It’s another Pinterest nightmare. I need to keep reminding myself not to have any expectations. Jeesh!

Miss Mia took this picture Saturday at a Be The Match Fundraiser for a friend’s dad. To be honest, I was scared to get swabbed. I have an overwhelming feeling I’ll match someone and get the call to give bone marrow. Now, I would never say no, but it’s scary I guess just because it’s unknown and not familiar. Heck, giving birth was once unfamiliar and terrifying, but I keep going back for more!

One of my most awesome friends, Amy, gave me this today. It’s a box to put August’s keepsakes in, BUT the best part is she had my husband have my boys and some of my friends write sweet notes to August bursting with love. I thought this was so thoughtful and sweet. It reminds me again how lucky I am! My family and I are loved. It swells my heart.


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