My boys and poison ivy!

My Dallas with poison ivy on his face and neck. Also has some on his belly and arms. Took him to urgent care on Long Pond Road today (what a great place) since the poison ivy was mostly around his eyes…they put him on Prednisone and a topical cream. Already looks much better today.

Woke up in the middle of the night to Seamus peeing on the newest member of our family. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional. He was very confused when I started yelling “WHAT are you doing?” Luckily Seamus just soaked August’s feet and not his face or anything. Sad thing is August was fast asleep and looked so cozy. I had to wake him up to change him. HE HATES THAT.

Our August is one month today. Breaks my heart. No matter how much I snuggle him it feels like it hasn’t been enough. Sigh…I love babies.

He’s been cranky today so I haven’t done our “one month” picture yet. Stay tuned….


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