Busy? Whatevs!

There aren’t enough hours in the day, BUT this morning my posse rocked it! I was up at 6:44 and completed the following: read to Seamus 20 minutes while managing August, took a shower and got dressed, gave Seamus a shower and got him dressed, made lunches for boys, took trash out (in the nick of time! Lombards was pulling up as I was dragging out the barrels. If I missed it, I would’ve freaked!), went and put gas in my car, nursed the baby and packed up stuff for doctor appt., found and put Seamus’ sneakers on and got the kids to school by 8:55. Peter got home from gym as I was coming down from shower he completed the following: Paleo breakfast for himself, 2 fried eggs (not too runny) for Killian, bath for August, got August dressed, made sure Dallas took a shower, got himself ready for work and managed the crew while I went and put gas in my car and left for work pretty much on time. BOOM! I love us.


Seamus had a dentist appointment yesterday. He wore this mask and gloves Kristin, the hygienist, gave him the whole way home in the car. Wanted to wear them at football practice, but I informed him people will think he’s sick and stay away from him. He did a great job at the dentist, x-rays and all. I am super proud of him!

Little boy blue had his 1 month check up today. He’s 11.1 pounds and 23.25 inches long…my baby is growing up (sigh).


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