Thank Goodness We Can Start Over Everyday

I should’ve known yesterday was going to be a tough day. I should’ve stayed home. August was up at 4:22 and restless until after 7. He had a stuffy nose and was having trouble breathing/nursing/sleeping (like the only things he does except poop). Poor buddy.



I had a doctor appointment to check my blood count (I had a retained placenta after delivery, hemorrhaged a bit and had a blood transfusionšŸ˜) where I was told I am very pale (low iron) and my blood pressure is high. Wonderful. My blood pressure was high years ago and I was on meds, but I started eating better and CrossFitting and came off meds. Fast forward to today, me not exercising right now (I have been told I better not until blood levels are normal) and eating like crap, high blood pressure again. I feel like I’m starting all over again. Boo. Makes me sad.

Seamus and I decide to walk to pick up the boys today. On the way home Killian nags me to death to let him wear the Bjorn and walk the baby home. I finally concede. We get walking again and about halfway home Seamus falls off a curb and scrapes his face on a nice newly built wall. Blood is streaming down his face. I have no phone because I wanted to walk with the boys with no distractions. Ahhhh! I start walking towards my friend Amy’s house and can see she’s not home. THEN, luckily, my friend Nicole drives by and happens to have a napkin in her car. She also offered to drive us, but I had the baby and bloody mess (literally), so we walked home. He’s better now, but I’m sure his teacher will want to know what happened to my boy.

Look at that face. Looks like a baby. Man I love him.


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