To My Good Buddies

SOOO, we went to the park today with friends and I saw a girl there with her baby. She was alone and it got me to thinking about when I first had Dallas. Yes, I had friends, but I didn’t have too many other “mom” friends or friends with kids. I had major post-partum with Dallas so that didn’t help, but I also didn’t have all the amazing people I have in my life now. Of course I had my bestie, my hubs, but he had to go to work everyday and make the Benjamin’s. I am so thankful for pre-school because I FINALLY made some friends that were in the same place in life as me. Since then I have met so many wonderful (some not so wonderful) people whether it be through school, baseball, football, CrossFit, the beach, friends of friends, Facebook friends, old friends, new friends. I feel so lucky! I know so many different types of people. Some just like me and some the polar opposite, but I am still so grateful. I truly believe we meet everyone for a reason (good or bad) and we learn and grow from everyone and every experience (Jack Handy). I am loved and that makes me happy 🙂 Sorry for the mush, but I had to say it. I love you all!

Gimme kiss baby.


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