Look out Ladies! Cute Boys Coming!

Wahoo! Seamus and I walked to pick up the boys from school today.

Everybody loves to hold Mr. Cuteness. Miss. Patti got him this adorable football hat. Love.


This boy, my baby for the last 5 years, has proven to be an excellent big brother. He’s kind, loving, helpful and just awesome to have around (this summer he was tough) my sweet boy is back! School has also been great so far. I thought he was going to cry and give me trouble going everyday. He seems un phased by it. I’m so happy, but this might mean he’s growing up…NOOOOOOO!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!
Seriously, can you stand it?

Working out: I miss it! I need my muscles back! I need that feeling of “Why am I torturing myself with this workout?!” Oh yeah, I’ve got 4 boys and they need me to be strong… Stopped by the gym yesterday to sit in daycare room and jumped up to the pull-up bar and did 2 toes to bar (it’s been like 5 months since I could do that!). Exhausted after 2 reps? Yes. Ready to go back yet? No…. but this old mama still has it (I hope!).


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