Mr. August is 2 Weeks Old

Sigh…he’s getting bigger by the minute. I can’t stand it. He’s perfect to me and I want him tiny forever.

He’s SUCH a good baby. Sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. When he does manage to stay awake for a bit he just sits and looks around. No squawking or whining. He’s amazing…even sleeps most of the night away. I have to wake him maybe 2x to eat for my own sake.

Finally took him to see my mom in the nursing home. I even let her hold him. Do me a favor, if you smoke, quit. I can schedule some time for you to go hang out with Janet and you can see what a lifetime of smoking does. Not a good way to spend your last years.

Made this for Peetah this morning. Noatmeal. Consistency of oatmeal, but it’s not.
1 banana mashed
2 eggs
Scoop of almond butter
Mix all together then cook like scrambled eggs. Top with fruit, unsweetened coconut flakes, honey…whatever suits your fancy.


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