Make a list… Check it… x50!

Lists. I NEED to start keeping lists. Shopping lists (like write it down the minute I run out of it), lists of things I want to do with the kids, lists of how I want my day to go (i.e. clean downstairs bathroom today). With 4 kids I can’t remember anything. As quick as I think of it, poof!, it’s gone only to be remembered when I’m getting into bed…what good does that do me? That is going to be my goal for the next month. Write shit down! I haven’t even written the football schedule down yet, therefore, I can’t plan anything.

Every morning I take at least 5 pictures of him sleeping. It’s like the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but I can’t seem to capture the cuteness in any picture. I should have Patti come over at 6 or 7 a.m. and try…she could get it.

Morning snuggles. House was cold because I had a/c blasting.

Football practice.

Two bros chillin while I made dinner.

I never, ever thought Seamus would be as awesome as he has been with August. He’s always wanting to be with him, play by playing every move August makes “Mom, he just had a bless you”, wanting to hug him. It’s awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Mr. Amazing brought this anchor home for August’s room today. He made it. It’s perfect and makes me happy just like him.


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