Life is…

Me. Sitting around nursing. As much as I know how good it is for my little bugger and as much as I usually enjoy the time it allows me to spend with him, I have NO patience for it. I have 10,000 things running through my head. I guess I have been nursing on demand since he is just a newbie so it feels like it’s all I do. Once he gets on a schedule it will be easier. It would be nice if other moms could nurse my baby, “Here Kerin or Amy it’s your turn” (Pete thinks this is totally creepy, but it would be helpful).
Killian went to a birthday party on a Friday and when Julie came to drop him off all the kids came in to meet August.

I finally had my first beer today. It has been 299 days roughly. It was good. I have a headache now though.

My boys went to BC vs. UMASS game yesterday. It’s one of Dallas’ favorite days of the year.

I just found this picture on my phone. Dallas must’ve taken it today. It’s crazy how much he loves football.



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