7 Days Post Eviction

Little August is 7 days old today. I’m really trying to let the laundry and dishes wait and instead spend my time staring at my baby. I hate that I always think to myself “this time last week we were on our way to the hospital” or “this is when all Hell broke loose”. I need to be more in the present moment…that takes practice. It’s hard.


Someone’s hungry…lol

On another note, it really pisses me off when the girls (mostly) at Dunkin Donuts give you an attitude when you don’t tip them. I inadvertently took my change today and it’s like satan takes over for a second, their whole demeanor changes and the “have a nice day” isn’t as nice as the “$2.57 please” was just before that. A tip is supposed to be for exceptional service above what is expected. Bitches.


2 thoughts on “7 Days Post Eviction

  1. Julie says:

    7 Days old!!! I love the way Seamus is looking at him!!! If I can squeeze Patti and Kevin out of the way I cant wait to hold him!!

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