Can Crying Make You Dehydrated?

Water works have started for this mama. I have to hold back tears and breathe deep more than I’d like to admit. This is one of the downfalls of having a perfect new baby…hormones. It sucks.

First day of school for my biggins. So handsome.

Seamy is 5 now so the other night he got to go “camping” with Bobo at Myles Standish in Bobo’s camper. His day was packed full of fun…all about him. They had a fire in the morning because it was too late the night before. Genius idea I thought…5 year olds don’t care if it’s day or night…it’s a fire! Good memories with his grampa for my boy.

August had his first doctor appointment today. Back up to 9 pounds and perfect. Isn’t my husband a hottie too? No wonder we keep having babies. He’s not only handsome, but he’s had to deal with the fore mentioned crying outbursts while still pretty much handling everything so I don’t get overwhelmed and cry. Dinner, kids, school clothes shopping, cleaning, my angry outbursts. And I KNOW deep in my heart he adores me and would do it again and again. That’s amazing to me…everyone deserves to be so loved. I cry again.

Ok. Last one of the snuggle bug. Love how his itty bitty hands are tucked under his head ❤️


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