4 Days Old

I honestly didn’t think I had enough love to give another baby. What an idiot….I’m more in love than ever!

Approximately 1:28 am. Big head, big shoulders, big baby. Need I say more?

Later that day (Friday night) big boys call to Facetime baby brother. Melts my heart.

Saturday 24 hours old. I can’t get enough of this guy! Had an awesome day visiting with a steady steam of some of my girl buddies since Pete couldn’t make it in until the night. It was a pretty awesome day. One I will remember.

Sunday…headed home. This was a rough day. Roughest I can remember w a newborn in the hospital. He cried all day. All. Day. Oh yeah…and night.

Monday morning finally arrived. I found this swaddle thing Patti gave me. Worked like a charm. He slept in here for 3 hours! It was just what I needed.

I was feeling so good I went out for an iced coffee when Pete got home. Unfortunately, I hit road construction by Nelson Park and started to cry uncontrollably. Cried all the way home to get a hug from my hubs. Damn hormones!



Leads us to today. Great day! Saw some good friends, went to successfully get my iced coffee with no tears. Snuggled baby every chance I got!


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