August Michael Murphy arrives!

Here’s the real last few from the pregnancy portfolio:



Without going into all the gory details YET, August Michael was born Friday morning at 1:28 am. I was induced starting about 4pm with nothing much happening until about 11pm… then all HELL broke loose. Needless to say, it was an interesting and yet super scary experience.

That being said, I will say that I felt very well taken care of, loved and protected at SSH. My midwives were amazing as was my super nurse, Maggie (that has, coincidentally, been my nurse for 3 of the 4 boys) who was by my side for her whole shift 7-7…I am so glad she was there.

We came home yesterday, but sadly, so sadly, we weren’t able to make it home in time for the boys jamboree in Sandwich. We were totally bummed especially when my phone started blowing up letting us know this happened:

Killian, with a big block from his pal Drew, ran 60 yards for his first touchdown! He was so excited and this was exactly what he needed to build his confidence. He’s had a rough week worrying about if he was going to mess up in his first game. So much so that we had tears a few times.

So, we now try to get back in the swing of things. Next on the list of things to stress about: SCHOOL STARTS! This baby was suppose to allow us a couple of weeks to prepare! He was late and now we scramble, for clothes, shoes, supply’s, etc. Oh well, what to do… Manage it. Get it done. Peter will take them out last minute and race around (he enjoys the race) and will manage to get it done…


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