Real Life

I am now 6 days late.

So I had this dreamy day planned. IKEA trip! We’d go to ikea, look for curtains for baby M’s room, and cruise for neato gadgets. We drive up with the usual “are we there yet” from the back seat. (Block it out Faith). As we pull up, there is about 20 minutes of traffic to get into the parking lot! We head in and immediately Peter starts with “Look at this crap!” He owns a furniture store so naturally, it’s all crap unless it’s The Queen’s Garden. Moving on, I find some $10 curtains and here comes a blowout! $10 curtain?! Peter and I argue our way back to the car, no curtains. Then we go to lunch. It’s typical. Kids are starving, yet don’t eat anything, crawl under the table, kick each other(& us) and generally misbehave. Pay the bill and let’s get out of here and pick up
Dallas who stayed with Nana for the day. Pick up Dallas, who throws up on the way to the car. The boy is sick and has been sick for days. I’m getting concerned. Perfect.

Let’s go home and relax. Huh? No let’s go home and find lice in Seamus and Killian’s hair and spend the night shampoo’n hairs, combing and delicing hair, along with laundry for days. Texting all my friends that my kids have lice. I’m so embarrassed and horrified. It’s like a dirty secret you don’t WANT to tell anyone, but HAVE to. This is real life and this week it sucks! This must be why baby is late. I couldn’t do all this with a newborn around.

It was rough but someday we’ll look back and laugh they say? I doubt it…not this time.


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