Tired of hearing about my daily pregnancy woes? Well, too bad. I’m tired of being pregnant STILL. I’ll be induced if I don’t go on my own by Wednesday. Let’s have a big prayer…I want to go on my own! No induction please.

I’m pretty psyched about this! I have always pushed 160+ in the past, gaining at least 40# each time. This time, by the grace of CrossFit, I have only gained 30 and I’m overdue. Now it’s like a game.

Yesterday, I felt like it was time to move a little again. Last time I worked out was Monday. I’ll be honest, it was not fun. I didn’t feel great after, but, as always, I’m glad I did it.

The only thing really bugging me these days is my hands are ALWAYS falling asleep! It drives me nuts. I guess it’s normal, but me no like.


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