Will YOU Be the One I Slap?


Instead of me walking the boys…the boys walked me today. Trying to get things moving. Walked here and at football practice. Yeah, I still woke up this morning pregnant. I try and remember to take a picture each day so one day soon I can look back and say “that was the last day I was pregnant”. I actually don’t mind waiting for him. I feel good! I just don’t really like talking to people about how pregnant I am over and over everyday. The same jokes and haha’s. It’s getting old, but I will smile through it. I know they mean well, but imagine how many times a day I hear it? I don’t mind until about 9am, then after that, I’m libel to slap somebody (just kidding! I know everyone just cares about me).

I made these for dinner. HUGE hit with Peter. He ate it all (I gave him the green light) before I even got home from football. Easy to throw together and have ready to stick on the grill when you get home from where you are…say football practice…every. night.



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