(He’s) SICK & (I’m) TIRED!

Yup 40 weeks. 280 days. A long ass time! All I will say is I’m feeling great…I just can’t sleep at night. I’m also a tad anxious about how big this bugger will be when he decides to show up.

WHY not throw a sick kid into the mix this week? I babysat at the gym then ran home and threw some stuff together and went out to day parking to meet Patti and another friend for a few hours at the beach before football. I stopped at Stop & Shop on the way for snacks and an iced coffee. Went to kiss Seamy and realized he felt hot, but decided to risk it and go along with my plans. Needless to say I was there for 45 minutes and left to take blazing hot Seamus home. It bummed me out, but thanks to one of my amazing friends, Patti, my big boys got to stay and enjoy the beach in all it’s overcast glory. I am so blessed to have such good friends. Friends that love my babies even when they are being rotten to the CORE. Friends that always help me out in a jam even if I ask them for help way more than they ask me. No keeping score…just there. I love you guys!

Last night I whipped dinner up (didn’t stay at football practice because seamy wasn’t feeling good) and for a side made brussel sprouts with chopped bacon and sausage (out if casing). Cooked all that up together in the oven then drizzled honey and Dijon mustard on it. Big hit (aka Peter ate the ENTIRE pan)!


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