Killian Suits Up

Woohoo! Big day at football today. Killian got to practice in full pads for the first time! He was pumped to be able to go up against his team mates. He’s so stinkin cute I can’t hardly stand it.


He also got to lead the team in warm up. So fun! He hates that I am constantly taking pictures of him. He almost died when I sprayed him with bug spray in front of his team tonight, “you couldn’t have done this at the car?”. I’ll also never forget the time I mistakingly called him “babe” on the pitchers mound. He was bull.

On another note, we got Seamy his own cones today so he could rally the littles in his own practice and stop taking Coach Weeks’ cones. He’s also requested a tackling dummy for Christmas. Go figure.

Worked my butt off at the gym in hopes of getting Baby M uncomfortable enough to come out.

15 minute AMRAP
250 m row
10 OHS at 45#

Score: 5 plus a row


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