A Lucky Kitty Named Lucky

You know the saying about a boy and his dog? That’s how my Dallas is with his cat, Lucky. Lucky is actually my cat, but has been stolen from me by my oldest boy :). He’s actually more like a dog than a cat. He’s a Ragdoll, sleeps at the foot of the bed, comes a runnin when you call him, he’s awesome.

Thursday I noticed him acting weird, not eating, biting me when I tried to pet him, limping, looked skinny. Seemed like something was really wrong. We had a rough 12 hours or so assuming the worst (of course). Peter took him to the vet Friday morning (better him then me…Dallas was so upset I would’ve remortgaged the house to help him live if I had to. Insulin pump? Sure. Dialysis? Sure.). Anywho, ended up being a weird tail injury (they think)…so he got an inflammatory/pain shot. If he’s not better by Monday he’ll need to go back, but he’s eating and drinking and MUCH better.

Dallas had me take these pictures. He was THAT worried.



Dallas’ team was eliminated from playoffs yesterday. I’m secretly psyched. Good news is the Coach Dell named him “Mr. Missile” with the hardest throwing arm on the team! He was all smiles. I’m over baseball and ready to focus on football!! Peter was told by a customer today that Chinese food will induce labor so yup, he took us out to Chinese. Dallas was so pumped. It’s his favorite and he pretty much only gets it when it’s his birthday. Labor induced? Treat our Dallas? …killing 2 birds with one egg roll!

Didn’t work.

Happy, YES! Peaceful? Questionable. Peaceful is a nice walk in field of daisies, sunshine on your head and the only noise is the wind! We are happy, healthy, love each other to bits, can pay our bills, for sure. Peaceful like no noise….FORGETABOUTIT!


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