Crooked or not crooked?

Football doesn’t usually get canceled for anything really…unless there is thunder and lightening and I like that. Nothing worse than something getting canceled 20 minutes before you should be there. You’ve already planned your day around it so let’s get on with it!


I took Dallas to the Orthodontist yesterday. Dr. Mazzocco in Hanover. You should’ve seen this place! It’s amazing. First, the consultation and first X-rays are complimentary (awesomeness). Second, when you walk in you first notice writing all over the walls. When your child’s braces come off they get to sign the wall/write a note/whatever. Third, there is a video game area for the kids to wait at. Fourth, there are 3 sinks in the back with toothbrushes that you can use to brush your teeth if you are coming from school or something and then just toss. Fifth, all the consultation rooms are equipped with smart boards! The X-rays just pop up on the screen and it’s easy for the Dr. to explain everything to patients/kids with the ease of being able to write on the screen. Sixth, he has a reward program where the kids earn wooden nickels and can save them up for prizes; based on good dental hygiene, but also good grades. Seventh, he’s honest. If ya don’t need braces, he won’t tell you you do. Dallas doesn’t have to go back for a year. Eighth, his employees are all very, very nice and friendly. It’s a happy environment!

Worth the 20 minute drive if you need an Orthodontist!


On another note, I need to have this baby soon. All the front of my tank tops are so stained. Why does that happen? It’s like a bib. So gross.


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