Turkey Chili was the Highlight

Holy smokes…by bedtime last night I was CRANKY and AWFUL (poor Peter)! I didn’t even like myself. I hate when I get like that. It makes me frustrated and sad. Yesterday, I had to pick up a physical form in Hanover then run to Trader Joes. I came home and felt like it was too late to pack for, and get to, the beach (where some of my buddies were), SO we stayed home (bad, bad idea) where I made dinner and was lazy. The only good thing was dinner was done before baseball and football. This is what I made:

It’s really fast to make and super tasty!

Tyler and Seamus at practice last night. Couple more years till you can really play boys!



And one more of Seamus sporting his crazy attire. We have moved on to a teenager size, huge football compression shirt/rib protector, but I guess he wanted to sport the ump vest one more time….and his new glasses.



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