And Now…Football Will Rule!

20140804-220221-79341801.jpgFirst day of football! GAAAAHHHH! One of Dallas’ most anticipated days of the year, and this year, very last minute, Killian has decided to give it a go. Yes, the same Killian that has cried for a year and a half every time anyone asked, begged, him to give it a try. He’s so much like me it’s scary. If he isn’t sure of 100% success…forget it! It’s not the work he’s scared of, it’s the understanding of the game. He’s afraid to not know where the holes are and what play is what. I am so proud of him for trying.


I can’t believe how much I enjoy football. The parents and friendships, the Sundays, the way Dallas has loved it ever since his first day 2 seasons ago. He asked us to sign him up (I do think the Gecse’s had something to do with it. We went to Andrew’s games a handful of times). I thought it was ridiculous “Ah, ok, but you’ll never last! It’s so tough. Practice Everyday! Say goodbye to long August days at the beach.” Fast forward: he has NEVER complained once. NEVER has and I doubt ever will. He loves it and I love that. This is his thing (Peter grew up playing hockey). I just think it’s so awesome!

I realized tonight I need to bust out the crockpot and start planning dinners every week. This me cooking dinner after baseball and football has got to stop. I like being in bed at 8:30…not cooking dinner. Yeah, I’m an old lady and I’m pregnant (still)…get over it!

One last thing: yesterday is the day I planned on going into labor. Having this bugger in the early morning hours of the 5th. He has other plans apparently. Better get your belly rubs in soon! It’s almost over….

Try and Get this Baby to Move Out Wod:
In 10 minutes: Row 60 calories then
as many snatches in remaining time as possible. Score is number of snatches.

I did mine from the hang at 55#
Score: 43

Didn’t work.


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