Everyone had Chicken for Dinner!

No expectations for today and it turned out good. We met some of Seamys’ preschool friends at the park after the gym. After being shy for a few he played and had a blast…even Killian had fun and wants to do it again. After that we called Kerin to see if she wanted to meet us at Friendlys for $1.99 kid meal Wednesday. Course she did, whoop! Although, Dallas has grown out of the little kid meals so it ended up costing me more than I anticipated, but it was fun, especially when they tried to seat two older gentlemen near our table and they said “nooooo waaaaay!” Ha!

Went home and snuck in a 20 minute nap (yess! I love naps!) and then started cooking dinner (lemon chicken, sweet potato and Brussel sprouts) /folding laundry/picking up. Multi-tasking…rocking it today!

Dinner ready when Pete gets home. Dallas and I fly out the door for one of the top 15 best days of his year: football equipment pick up! Yeah!!

Come home and go to lock up my girls for the night and can’t find one. Without going into the gory details…one of my bitches got killed by a dog today. Only bad part of an otherwise nice day 😒. RIP Mamma chicken.


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