Stuck in the sand!

My day consisted of the following: workout at 8:30, sit at 9:30. Good.

Beach at 12. I parked right when I got onto beach by the Crossover. High tide and very chilly. Stinky. Kids all over Kerin and I because there is nowhere to play. Everyone around me gets stuck. Decide to leave after an hour (water was fast approaching my tires) and GET STUCK. My worst fear has come true people! A nice lady gets me out. Get home and hang out with Kerin and kids for a bit. Good. Get in my car to take kids to dentist. I get stung at the top of the belly by a bee! Flew right down my shirt! It was awful. I haven’t been stung by a bee in years. Back to dentist: torture. I have so much anxiety about my kids teeth, it’s unreasonable. I have bad teeth even though I brush, floss, rinse at least 2x a day. They actually both came out with good reports which was great. Seamus was tough through the appointments (big surprise), but he goes straight for these glasses every time we get to the office.

Drop Dallas at home and scoot to grocery store to pick up groceries I ordered last night. Yes! Go home start dinner, put groceries away, get kids fed, start making sauce for dinner and I have no coconut milk…CRAP! Very crankily run to store to buy some. Get home and realize I had shut oven off so we will have to wait longer for dinner (sweet potatoes were in there). UGH. Finally get dinner done and don’t eat because I’m so frustrated and over it. Go out at 8 to vacuum the buckets of beach sand out of my car and clean up the huge mess I left in the driveway. Feed chickens ❤️. Come in. Peter in bed (he got up at 4 to coach), get kids down and put laundry away. Put Seamus back to bed 5 times at least.

After looking through pics there were a few awesome parts of my day:

Running plays in my kitchen area:


Killian is going to be an amazing big brother!

Praying for a better day tomorrow. More relaxing and more fun!


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