Tuesday Already?

Sunday afternoon (after maternity pictures and a baseball game) I was tired and frustrated and said to my littlest boy “Seamus, why do you only ask me for what you need? Why can’t you ask Daddy or your brothers?” He got all weepy and raspy and his lips went straight like he was going to cry and said “Because you are my mother (in the adorable way he pronounces things). That’s why I ask you” in the saddest, cutest voice ever. It broke my heart. It’s hard knowing all these depend on me for everything all the time, pretty much. I felt like a jerk, I scooped him up and hugged him and got him what he needed. I feel like I’m failing miserably lately. I use my pregnancy as an excuse, I shouldn’t. I need to work on chilling the heck out.

Let me also add that the next day, after he got out of the shower and was laying in my bed, he said he was going to wipe his dirty butt all over it; cuteness went right out the window.


While Dallas played a tough baseball game last night against the other Plymouth team I had the pleasure of signing Killian up for football. Yup, he changed his mind after a long time of saying no. I was A-OK with him chilling out for the fall and just having to deal with one sports schedule, but nothing can be THAT easy. A new baby, school, 2 boys playing football. Eh, no big deal. 😳

After baseball we went to the Lobster Hut for dinner. Reminds me so much of my childhood and my Dad. Good Lord, I miss this man.

On a high note…I made 3 grilled cheeses today and didn’t burn one. Yay me!


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