I think I'm officially tired of baseball. I had to say it. Tough loss last night for Killian's team against Whitman for the Divisional Championship. Home late and up early; Dallas has a double header today and Killian is playing in a tournament all weekend in Pembroke. I also need to squeeze in a quick trip to Dick's Sporting Goods today (20% off today only) for football cleats and a mouthgaurd and Marshalls or somewhere for a few things that might fit me for some pictures the fabulous Venita is supposed to be taking of me tomorrow.

Since this will most likely be my last pregnancy, Pete and I wanted some pictures to remember Pregnant Faith that we can look back on. I hate maternity pictures for the most part, they are always so damn cheesy, but we’re gonna give it a shot and shoot for the most non-cheesy we can come up with.

Yesterday was my annual blueberry picking venture with the boys to CN Smith Farm (and Kerin and kids and Allyson and the famous Milo) . My kids don’t love it, but I do and I make them do it with me every year and will continue to until I can’t anymore. It’s not ALL about them.


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