Sometimes Laundry has to Get Done

Yesterday was B O R I N G according to one of my boys (sorry kids, not everyday is full of activity after activity especially when yo momma is 9 months pregnant) so at 2 I took them out for a walk at Bay Farm in Duxbury. I know I need to do this, just like a dog, the kids need to get out and move, they need to be walked. It was nice and in between the fighting I took some pictures that made it look dreamy:

Then I took them to Farfar’s and let them get what they wanted, 2 out of 3 wanted frappes and I said YES! I never say yes. I’m too cheap ($5 for one, ugh!). Got home right in time for baseball in Manomet. Worked out perfectly.

Seamy got these from my super nice neighbor John that had them leftover from the parade float he had. Seamy dragged them around all day, well, asked me to drag them around. Julie thought this was fantastic.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Laundry has to Get Done

  1. Julie Hannon says:

    I love it Faith. I’m telling you, nobody has a picture with blow up sharks. Fantastic!! I loved when they were lined up on the bleachers watching the game and Candy had to babysit them.

  2. Annie says:

    Felt better reading this. I felt like every day this summer they wanted an amazing adventure! My answer was “the baby needs a nap, and sometimes it’s nice to chill at home” Of course Joseph never agrees with that and usually finds a way to break something or fall in the yard! Ugh, never easy…

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