Not the Greatest of Days

So this happened yesterday:

My calm, sweet, even keeled, happy boy had a 10 minute breakdown. He had been lazy all morning (clearly still in his boxers) then he stepped on some random toy on the floor and lost it. He went to sit down to catch his breath and bumped his head. He lost it more and rolled around sobbing on the couch for a few minutes. I didn’t even know what to do. This never happens. I wanted to tell him how I feel like doing this all the time, I know how he feels, but I didn’t think that would make it any better. Poor guy. Just needed a minute and a hug I guess.

Later in the day this also happened:

I, without fail, burn grilled cheese every time I make it. Every time. I cook a million meals I never burn, but can’t manage grilled cheese ever. It drives me crazy. I think it cooks too fast and I get distracted. I don’t know, but it has to stop.

I should’ve just gone to the beach today, but the good news is, we are one day closer to meeting the newest member if the Murphy clan.


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