Another Thing that Makes My Life Easier

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about today until I spotted this gem backing into my neighbor’s.


Which means…I’m the next stop. YES!! I LOVE trash pick up day. It’s one of my favorites. We used to just have Peter take the trash to work when he could, but I’d have to wait until he was in the area with the truck or whatever, so it could pile up and be super gross. Finally, we decided to relieve him of trash duty and hire Lombard’s to do it. It’s awesome! Every Wednesday…all the nastiness is gone.

Can I also tell you how awesome they are?? If I forget to leave it out (well, that never happens, once I thought they weren’t coming because of snow). The driver came looking for my trash! How awesome? If it’s windy or super rainy he’ll flip the barrels over so they don’t fill with rain or walk them down to my garage and lay them in front so I don’t have to go chasing them down Nelson. LOVE. THEM.

I have conversations with the lady that waxes my brows about this on a regular basis. Funny how much we both love trash pick up and Lombard’s.

I bet this won’t be the last time I write about trash pick up ☺️


One thought on “Another Thing that Makes My Life Easier

  1. Nana says:

    Faith! You are so funny!! Never knew anyone who gets so excited about trash pickup!!! You make me laugh❗️ ❤️😍😘

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