Big Love

So yesterday we dropped Killian at the field in Dighton at 9 and scooted out to get some breakfast before the game at 10. On the way back to the field I told Dallas he could sit in front and I would take the back; change things up a bit.

Melts my heart.


They held hands the whole way. It wasn’t weird. They talked about the tournament and the weather. Dallas wanted to know if we liked super sunny, hot days better or a little cloudy.

I know a day will come when this won’t happen often, no more kisses on the lips for Dad, Dallas will be too old.

Good Lord I love my boys to bits.

(I’d like to add today (Monday) I just lost my shit on these boys I love to bits. It’s only 8:48 am. Take the good with the bad 🙂


3 thoughts on “Big Love

  1. Julie Hannon says:

    It’s the unexpected moments like these that are priceless! It’s awesome that you were able to snap a picture to always treasure it.

    • I know, Julie! So glad I took a picture! I have started to be better with the camera for my blog. I always feel like I don’t have to take pictures of my kids because I have you and Paparazzi Patti (I’m not knocking her either. I have so many amazing pics of my boys because of her). (Insert Heart emoticon here 🙂

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