I’m Getting Tired

I’m starting to S L O W down. I noticed today while putting things away from our trip that I dread the stairs (I actually think about it..a lot). I get to the top and I am so damn tired. My legs are exhausted. It stinks because I am constantly up and down the stairs.
I see I need to paint the kick boards on my stairs again soon. Judgement free zone here friends.

I also crossed box jumps off my list of things I can still do today. Step-ups it is. Regardless, it was nice to be back in the gym today.


This also happened today:

People, any idea how AWESOME this is?? I order my groceries from home while boys are happy and doing what they want. I can check the cabinets/freezer/fridge while I shop. I can take a break. I can peruse recipes while I go…I CAN enjoy food shopping! I know, I know…sounds crazy, but it’s true. I pick them up tomorrow morning between 8 and 9 am. The employee actually brings the bags to my car and loads it up! Granted, I don’t get our milk or anything that seems a little over priced, but I do the bulk. It’s SO worth it! Sometimes life’s small victories are the best victories!


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