Change of Plans

Yeah so the biggest Murphy boy caught wind of the fact that his game from Wednesday night was rescheduled to last night. At 1:30. And begged to get home in time so he could play. Ugghhh. SO, we flew around and got ourselves ready to leave vacation (boohoo) and hit the road.


At least we had food in the car. Some random leftover stuff from the vacation house. Yup, there I was in the HOV lane eating cold corn on the cob. It was so good. It must’ve been funny for passerby’s to look over and see me eating it…and I probably looked naked since I had a tube top on (actually a dress that works as a great shirt for me these days).

Got home at 6:15…an hour later than we hoped. Ran around searching for Dallas’ uniform and dreaded cup and off they went.


While they were gone I unloaded what I could: tons of bags and trash, cups of pee, food remnants, blankets, pillows and trash bags of laundry. Threw in a load of wash in, got a pizza for seamy and I then started feeling overwhelmed. My house is trashed, we have no food, will be at a baseball tournament all weekend and I still need to prepare for this baby. Pack my hospital bag! Get the car seat ready! Pick a name!

Breathe baby, breathe!


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