Dallas and Killian have been having a great time with Bobo. We’ve gotten lots of pictures and it looks like they’ve made lots of memories. I love when people do this for my boys….don’t buy them something, but rather take them somewhere and do something with them so they have a memory with you. Love it. Teaching them that life experiences are more important than material things.

Don’t freak out here. They were moving at a snails pace. I know things can happen, but I’m happy they got to experience this because Peter and I would NEVER do this with them. This is an example of exactly what I’m talking about. And of course everyone remembers when they’re grandparents allowed them to do things and have things that mom & dad wouldn’t right?






4 thoughts on “Mid-vacation

  1. SJ says:

    I couldn’t agree more about memories being the best gift someone can give. And your alone time with Seamy is so important before “baby M” gets here. 😃

    • Yes, seamy is loving his alone time SJ! When people ask what the kids want for Christmas I usually say “take them somewhere!” My brother and sister-in-law took the kids to Patriot Place this winter…they loved it! I can’t do it all…as they say, it takes a village! Xo

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