Happy 9 months!

I’m 9 months pregnant today and I have a confession to make: I’m terrified to give birth again! I don’t want to do it! I have always gone au natural, but day to day that epidural is sounding pretty damn good. I’ve done this 3 times and I feel like I shouldn’t even be thinking about it, but I can’t help it. I can’t even think of the after (getting to meet my totally adorable, no name baby) because first I have to get through the labor part. THEN there is the after labor yuckiness to deal with…yes ladies, when the nurses push on your belly to get the uterus to contract?! Ack! I hate it. I probably hate that more than the labor. Ugh. I’m scared.

Judge if you must, but I thought I’d put it all out there. Big white belly and all.
Me post wod swim yesterday. It was awesome to go jump in the lake after working out. I forced myself to do:
5 rounds
10 sumo Deadlifts @95#
Walking lunge from tree to tree with 10# plate overhead
10 on the bar burpees

This took me 17:37.

I had originally started a different workout, but quickly realized I couldn’t physically handle it (BOOHOO). I had a fit and almost cried like a 4 year old until my husband talked me off the ledge and then changed the workout to something more manageable.

It’s so hard to stay active and not quit or make excuses during pregnancy. I had the hardest time when I had to start scaling the weights and movements. Stupid, I know, but my pride got in the way. Once I got over that (and my body got pissed) things were much better.

I am excited for the next chapter.


3 thoughts on “Happy 9 months!

  1. Kerin says:

    9 Months!!! Yay!!! my new little love is almost here and I don’t have to give birth!! 😉 😉 You will rock childbirth like you always do. Love you buckets!!

  2. Sarah Prario says:

    You rock Faith!! You will be great – but I have to agree, the afterbirth when the nurses start on my damn stomach is worse than the birth!! Then the messy week after that, ice packs and giant diaper-like pads…but all worth every minute!! I’ll be saying the same thing in December…part of the 4 club soon enough! Cheers momma!!! 🙂

    • WHAT!? Really? That’s awesome!! Congratulations! Yup, I totally agree…first week is tough, but I have to admit, that giant mesh underwear is the bomb!!

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