Livin Easy

Yesterday was a bit cloudy and rainy by the end of the day, but we still managed to have a great day at the lake. Nice long walk, swimming, canoe rides, paddled around a bit, ate a bunch, laughed, napped, played cards, read a little, built a fort.



My favorite guy has been wearing the same clothes for 2 days with no shower. Claims it fine because we’re on vacation. I say he’s starting to look (and smell) a little less than favorable.

No t.v. here and it’s so nice! I often think I’d love to get rid of it at home too, but then I come to my senses. I LOVE to lay in bed and stare brainless at the t.v. at night to decompress from a day w my boys. There are worse vices to have, I imagine.

Today I will force myself to workout…maybe.


2 thoughts on “Livin Easy

  1. Cait says:

    It’s NEVER acceptable to not shower for two whole days without at least changing your underpants. I mean really Peter!

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