This Doesn’t Suck

Happy 12th of July parade was today then we hit the road for our New Hampshire vacation. We headed to Granite Lake with friends and on the way dropped the boys off with their Bobo (gramps) so they could spend some time with him up at his camp (my boys LOVE it there). Before leaving though I made a tastey treat to bring with us. It’s Dallas’ ABSOLUTE favorite and it’s definitely not Paleo.

Banana bread!



I try not to have expectations of vacations or places we stay when invited away for a few days. I knew the house we’d be staying in this time would be nice, but it’s so amazing and has so much character. When you walk in it smells old, but not gross old, loved old, summer old, super relaxing old. I see myself being super tired here and happy. Seamus is certainly happy.


Dallas and Killian when we did the switch-a-roo

Killian finishing up the day


Looks like it’s going to be a good week all around!


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