All My Days are Mushing Together

Woke up at 1:12 am with horrid heartburn, took a Zantac and was just about to fall back to sleep when BOOM! I hear Lucky the cat (who’s sitting up on my bed) start to throw up. Gosh, it’s gross. So, I spring to my feet (which I haven’t done in months) and shooed him off the bed so the throw up would hit the floor instead. Then I spent the next 10 minutes cleaning that up.  YUCK. 



I was then up after that for hours with heartburn. It’s like I had a whole other day, but at night, alone and in the dark, and no one else in my house realized it. “Peter did you hear the cat throw up? Wasn’t that nasty?” “Nope. Didn’t hear a thing.”


Later that day something AHMAZING happened for me and Baby M.





Wonderful, loving, thoughtful friends I have! You see, I insisted no one have a shower for my 4th baby. I mean I have 4 kids, I shouldn’t be getting gifts still, but I guess love won out and my friends threw me a shower just the same!

I have a full and grateful heart. Xo


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