Blahhhhh….errand day. Dreadful.

Up early to clean and take care of chickens (love my ladies). Gym at 8:15 to do the daycare room. No working out for me today. I worked out Sunday and Monday and I think the heavy back squats I did yesterday put me over the edge.

Next, to Walmart to get a new litter box for Lucky the cat and 2 boxes of litter (going on a little vacation next week and don’t want Kerin grossed out changing the box that’s there now).

Went to get my mother-in-law a birthday gift, to a friend’s house to get the boys a haircut (WICKED fun…Killian hates getting his haircut so I have to threaten him with it for WEEKS and then one day just spring it on him!) By the end Killian loved the cut and is mighty impressed with the girl who cut it this time.


Big breath…

Off to Nana’s for a visit and a swim in the pond.


Phew! Home for a rest (which really means dinner prep then switch the laundry and locate Killian’s baseball uniform, hat and all, and don’t forget the cup…where is that thing? always missing. I should keep them all in a neat row on the mantle like one of my other friends so they never get lost, but that would be if we had a mantle) and then…you guessed it BASEBALL!

How was your day?


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