Kids vs. Me



I’m going preface this new crazy blog idea of mine by saying “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!” (yes, I am yelling)

Having yelled that and gotten it out of my system, I am now going to write anyway, because I think it will be fun to chronicle my days with my four boys, and most of all, be therapeutic.

I’ll get started by answering your questions before you ask them:

  • Yes, we wanted another baby.
  • No, we were not trying for a girl…we were trying for a baby and guess what? we got one (!) and we figured it would be a boy (what are the odds? I think my uterus is blue)
  • No, we are not crazy, we are not rich, and I do not know how we do it…we just do and its hard.
  • And lastly…Yes, I think we are done and I am not going to try one more time for a girl.

So here it goes……it’s just me and my 4 boys, 5 if you count’ my husband…..


Kids vs. Me

I love a rainy day. It’s a day I don’t feel guilty about staying inside and getting stuff done…organized and clean But that only happens when the kids are away or sleeping. Getting stuff done with 3 boys in the house is not only a challenge, but pure hell.

Take this past week.  Because of the planned arrival of Hurricane Arthur, I WAS looking forward to spending the 4th of July getting the baby’s room organized so he actually would have a room. But instead I had to referee and listen to kids whine about being bored. It wasn’t great. It was actually a nightmare and exhausting, especially since the following very sunny day I was crazy busy going to cookouts, graduation parties, my mom’s nursing home and birthdays.

It absolutely drives me crazy, but summer is too short and the activities keep 3 little boys very busy.  Friday was miserable and Saturday was SO busy, I couldn’t keep up and was miserable by the end of Saturday but the kids were happy all day.  AND my house is a mess!

It’s like a trade off. Me or them. I usually suffer. Ha!

I did manage to get something quick and yummy made for dinner. It is my “go to” sauce recipe that I throw in the crockpot with meatballs and usually make a salad or veggie with. Two of my three boys LOVE it and the other, well, he is a super picky eater and doesn’t like much but piles of grilled meat so there we have it. If you are feeling fancy or, not so fancy, give it a try:

IMG_1031 IMG_1029Basic Marinara
3 Tablespoons oil
1 large onion roughly chopped
2 tablespoons minced garlic (3 if you like garlic…it gives me a stomach ache)
2 teaspoons kosher or sea salt
2 teaspoons dried basil
1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon fennel seeds, crushed
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 cups chicken broth
3 28 oz cans crushed tomatoes

Heat oil over medium heat. add onions; cook a few minutes stirring frequently. Add next 7 ingredients (through fennel seeds); cook a minute, stirring constantly. Sir in vinegar. Add broth and tomatoes; bring to a simmer. Cook over low heat for 55 minutes until sauce thickens. transfer to crockpot, add meatballs and let her go for the day! Dinner done by the time you get home from baseball.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

I’m now off to chase after another one of my boys! Until next time!





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